Friday, January 23, 2009

lost in the woods

ahhh how do u explain the feelings of being lost in woods. Well i can tell you THERE ARE NO WORDS to explain it, but i'll try.
On a cold and frigid day the Terrific Three set out on another journey for make-up training. This would be the day we were to conquer the land navagation course. It started out a pretty good, the Terrific Three got through the first part of training in record time and without a hitch. But the best was yet to come. It was time for unmounted portion of land nav, where we use compasses and paces to find points on a map. sounds simple riiight, WRONG!!! The Terrific Three were split up in to different teams to make them even, yours truly chose a team i thought would have no problems with this course, after all this was part of their military specailty. So i thought to myself how could i go wrong with 2 infantrymen and a scout, this would be a piece of cake. WRONG AGAIN. we were taken to the starting point, drop off and left to find our points. After about 30 minutes of walking through the woods and we still didnt reach our first point, i began to think i made a huge mistake. Finally after about 10 more min we reach our first point one Sgt proceeds to have a temper tantrum, throws his kevlar and screams that the maps and points are wrong. (it never occured to him that maybe he was wrong, but thats besides the point) about another hour we find the last two points, my counterparts proceed to get happy thinking that the scenario was over. ONCE AGAIN, (say it with me) they were WRONG!! I tried to explain to them there was a second half, but noooo they didnt want to listen to the female public affairs specialist, according to them we dont do anything but sit behind a desk writing stories and we have no training in this kind of scenerio's which they do constantly (but yetthere i was training right along with them, obviously common sense isnt so common) Anywhoo we wander and i do mean wander back to the starting point where we find the one of trainers, no actually he found us. He then proceeded to let them know that yes, indeed there was a second part and because it was getting late he would give us 1 of the 3 answers but we had to find at least 1 more before we could WALK back to the training site. Ladies and gentlemen it all went down hill from there. As we tried to find 1 more answer but somehow mangaged to get lost even more than we were the first time. As night started to fall and the temp dropped i started to feel uneasy about being in the woods walking in no general direction. I tried without any success to get them call the emergancy number so SOMEONE could find us and bring us back to safety and warmth, but once again people NOOOO they said they do this all the time and knew where they were going. Not wanting to be left in woods by myself without cell phone signal i continued to trudge along through the woods with the "HIGHLY SKILLED" soldiers for about another hour. As we reach the prison, with frozen toes and within cell phone range i decided to call the number, OH they were upset, but me personally i could have cared less at this point. The only thing on my mind was getting to safety. Thanxs to my highly motivated Lt. we were rescued and yes i say rescued abut 15 min lata. ahhhhhhhhhh that felt good to let that off my chest and to let people know PLEASE PUT UR PRIDE ASIDE, and to know that its ok to admit when you dont know as much as you think you do. just talking about this is bringing bac unwanted memories lol well that training for ya. ANYHOOO GOODNIGHT PEOPLES